Ban Democrat Committee Chairs

Texas voters put their trust in the GOP. Now we need to give them results.

In the wake of an election that kept Republicans in all statewide offices, as it has for nearly 30 years, and grew GOP majorities in both houses of the Texas State Legislature, voters overwhelmingly indicated they want Republicans to lead this state. The GOP majority should respect the will of the voters and end the practice of sharing leadership with extreme left-wing Democrats.
Many Texans are surprised to learn that leadership of the Texas House gave 40% of committee chairmanships to Democrats last session, despite having a Republican majority. This includes putting Democrats in charge of important committees like Public Education, Business & Industry, and Criminal Jurisprudence. While these same Democrats have accused Gov. Abbott of promoting racial violence against Latinoscalled for the impeachment of President Trump, and called law enforcement systemically racist.
House Republicans must end the practice of appointing Democrats to positions of power. The Republican Party of Texas plans to hold our elected officials accountable if they decide to put woke Democrats in positions of power. GOP delegates and voters have spoken clearly on this issue.81% of Republican primary voters (over 1.5 million Texans) voted to end the practice of awarding committee chairmanships to Democrats. Plank 233.b of the Republican Party of Texas Platform states “Standing Committees shall be chaired by the political party in majority. ”As voted on by the Convention Delegates, one of the top 8 Legislative Priorities for this session is to “Ban Democrat Chairs ”Chairing a committee is a powerful position in Texas. It allows a Democrat to single-handedly block legislation from passing. It provides a bully pulpit for Democrats to push their far-left radical agenda. It allows Democrats to raise millions of dollars from lobbyists that are used to defeat our Republican candidates in elections. And once a Democrat is appointed chair, the Speaker has taken the position that they cannot be removed, no matter what they do in that position. There is no excuse in the modern political era for giving control of the legislative process to a political rival that sees Republicans as racists, threats to democracy, or enemies of the State. The Texas House of Representatives will adopt formal rules in one of their first meetings in early January. THIS IS OUR ONLY CHANCE TO FORMALLY BAN DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRS.We need ALL Republican elected officials to publicly state they will BAN DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRS in the House rules. Here’s what we need you to do:
Step 1) Call your State Representative; a phone call is more effective than an email. If you don’t know who your Representative is or their phone number, click here.
Step 2) Urge them to release a public statement (tweet, facebook post, mass email, or press release) supporting House Rules that ban Committee Chairs of the minority party. If they have already made a public statement banning Democrat Committee Chairs, thank them.
EXTRA CREDIT: Use the hashtag #NoDemChairs on social media to encourage your friends to call and keep track of who has made statements as well!Defending Texas and Saving America,Texas RepublicansSign up for text alerts: text “RPT” to 57677 or click here to automatically create a message if you’re reading this on your phone.
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